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Philosophy of the Child


We believe that children are capable and competent , have absorbent minds and take in what they learn through play experiences. Children are curious, full of wonder and need  to explore to discover and learn. Children are creative, and unique. As educators, we need to allow children to have endless opportunities to explore and experiment with activities so that they can grow to their full potential!


Jean piaget quotes


"The Capable Child, ...discovering not so much the limits and weaknesses of children but rather their surprising and extraordinary strengths and capabilities linked with an inexhaustible need for expression and realization" 

                   Loris Malaguzzi



We believe that an educators role is to initiate, participate, guide/motivate, encourage/respond, intervene and most importantly observe activities and the child.


We also believe that educators should later document their observations to ensure the child's learning us made visible to the child and their family members. Educators take photographs as form of documentation so that they are able to keep the memory and continue to reflect upon it.



In addition to children's learning, educators need to focus on health and well-being of the child. We believe that custodial care is an essential part of children's education. For children to be able to learn they first need to be happy and healthy. At Child Connect EarlyLearning, we believe children need to eat, rest and be taken care of both physicallyand emotionally in order to be happy. Children also require respect and for the adults in their life to show them care and compassion so that they could develop healthy relationships. Children's basic needs to be taken care of in order for them to be capable of learning anything!



Philosophy on our Teachers


At Child Connect Early Learning, we believe that our teachers are the paramount of our center and the well-being of the children. We take pride in having the best Early Childhood Educators who are not only educated and professional but have the biggest hearts! We strongly value our staff and depend on their happiness as they are the integral part of our small community here at Child Connect Early Learning.