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At Child Connect Early Learning, We value communication. We strive to create a strong community where parents and teachers are partners in the children's development and well-being.


Daily Communication


Child Connect Early Learning is utilizing an amazing communication app where all children's daily updates and activities are available for parents to view. Teachers and parents easily use this app to effectively communicate with each other while feeling at ease of what their child is doing from the time he/she starts in the morning to the time he/she gets picked up. Transparency is the key to an honest and mutual partnership between parents and the center.


Special Events


Special parenting classes curriculum includes pot-locks, parenting workshops, Halloween party celebrations, Valentines celebrations, Mothers Day and Father's day celebrations, etc, and field trips volunteer opportunities. Parent/teacher conferences are schedule twice a year on the school calendar and parents are informed of these dates at the time of registration. A written assessment report for each child progress will be given to parents in the areas of social, cognitive, physical, and emotional development.


Open Door Policy


The door is always open to the parents. For new families we welcome parents to stay however please keep in mind that a child adjusting to a new surrounding will want to leave with the parents when they leave. Also other children might get upset to see someone else's parents there and not their own. Kindly keep your visits short between 5-10 minutes maximum. This also applies during drop off times and pick up times.