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The children join in movement games, finger plays, and listen to discussions and stories before planning for the day. Academics incorporated through the following: listening; reading comprehension; phonics/awareness of sounds (such as rhyming songs); counting and quantity (such as counting how many friends are here); biology (such as reading a story about frogs); and our community (such as learning to take turns and respect others in the group.



The earlier we instill a love for yoga in children the more they will benefit from it and continue to practice it later in life. For this reason, we practice yoga at least once a week as it is one of our favorite early learning activities. Yoga at Child Connect is taught in a very playful way, by a certified children yoga instructor, helping children become aware of their bodies and learn the importance of breath and how to use it in changing situations.





Child Connect Daycare is proud to offer a dynamic music program in collaboration with Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. Through our partnership, children have the opportunity to engage in enriching Orff and Kodaly classes, fostering creativity and musical development from a young age. Ava Music team are specialize in nurturing the creative spirits of young children through Orff and Kodaly classes. Since 1995, they've been the pioneers of this innovative methodology in Vancouver, providing a unique and enriching experience for children ages 1 to 7.




Our French program taught twice a week by a certified French teacher introduces children to another language. During pre-school years children’s brain resembles a sponge and it feeds on new knowledge and information. Learning an extra language at this age is both compelling and natural for children. Our French program emphasis is fun and practical and children practice learning new vocabulary through reception of words, songs and games.



Our outdoor environment is designed to resemble nature and features natural playscapes, a river rock stream that children can enjoy the sound of, an organic garden and lot of room for running around. Weather permitting, all children, will spend from 30 minutes to three hours per day in daily outdoor play. It is necessary that children have freedom of movement, so it is requested that children be dressed accordingly. Shoes and socks are required. Children are encouraged to explore, and there may be times when they may become messy or rumpled. Parents should send two complete change of clothing that remain at the Centre. Parents must label all articles of belongings. Children will be outside unless the temperature is below 0 C or above 30 C, weather conditions permitting.



Child Connect instills in its students the importance of healthy eating. These healthy habits begin in our garden where children can plan variety of vegetable seeds (Weather Permitting), watch them grow, pick and prepare them to eat for snack or part of their lunch.



Our curriculum also features weekly cooking classes in which students participate in a range of culinary exercises such as preparing snacks, and sometimes simple lunch.



We strongly believe in having a strong science component in our curriculum to complete our preschoolers experience. Children are innately attracted to activities that would be described as science. They use their imagination and creativity by testing and experimenting while carefully observing the phenomenon of science. These activities help children come up with their own answers and ideas while being involved in interactive demonstrations. To enhance their regular science curriculum we have specialists from Mad Science once a month who come in to our center and display introductory experiments related to monthly theme.



At Child Connect Early Learning Center we cater to each child’s needs. We understand that it is important for children to have a nap/rest after a busy day of gross motor activities and interactions with other children and the environment. Therefor we provide a peaceful atmosphere in a darkened room followed by serene calm music playing in the background. The staff will stay with the children in the nap room to help them fall asleep and monitor the room. We provide comfortable cots with fitted sheets for each child. We understand that not all children will require nap which depends on their developmental domain and age. The children that do not require nap will have an opportunity to work on quiet activities at the table or on their cots.



The children choose activities from a variety of learning centers and may be asked to join a small group activity led by a teacher for about 10-15 minutes of the time. Academics incorporated through the following:

  • Block area: physics (balance, gravity, mass, force), measurement, and problem solving.
  • Library: knowledge of books and print.
  • Dramatic play: familiar items in the child’s home/community.
  • Manipulates: sorting and categorizing.
  • Cooking Activity: chemistry.
  • Social skills: communicating and negotiating with peers; exercising self-control and decision-making skills when selecting area for play.


Throughout the day, the children participate in restoring all activities in the classroom to order. The children are encouraged to put away the toys that they are finished playing with before moving on to the next area.